M.A.C.’s Blankety lipstick is my go to color. Or it was before I had a baby. Seriously, I bought it in bulk;┬ákept one in the car (melty, bad idea), my office, my purse, you get the idea. But since I had a baby, I go lipstick free- because I kiss my damn baby too much.

Always with the kissing and the snuggling and the smooshing of the baby head. And Blankety is not his color.

Now when I have a baby free moment, which is very rare, I’ve gotten so out of the habit of putting on my favorite color that my sad, melty car lipstick goes unused and my purse lipstick remains unopened.

Lipstick always made me feel like an adult, a big girl, like I really had my shit together. But now I have a baby and I have no shit together. Zero shits are together. But I do get to smoosh a baby head whenever I damn please. So for now, goodbye lipstick and hello slobbery baby kisses.