So, one thing you should know about me. I LOVE tequila. In margaritas, shot form, any kind, I am a fan. Often my husband’s and my date nights consist of sipping tequila and playing Scrabble while the baby snoozes.

Having a baby did not change my fondness for tequila, perhaps my intake though. Nothing says hell like a tequila hangover and a 5:30am wake up call. I’ve been drinking the margaritas at KayNDave’s since before I got pregnant, I took a looooong 9 month break from those delicious things, and then came right back.

┬áKayNDave’s is the ultimate kid and adult friendly restaurant. Everyone brings kids there, but it doesn’t have an atmosphere of a “kid friendly” place. In fact, it screams hip and fun to me, no matter what time of day you go. They have a great outdoor patio in the heart of downtown Culver City (it’s heated too, so you can sit comfortably at night) and the inside is awesomely decorated. I bring all of our out of town guests there because it’s a place everyone would love.

The food is AMAZE.BALLS. It’s upscale Mexican with a few random dishes thrown in, Avocado Bacon Burger anyone? I always get the Seared Ahi and Arugula salad.

 Their brunch on the weekends is so good. Instead of chips and salsa, you get a basket of muffins and homemade jam-like, hi, yes I would like 10 blueberry muffins, thank you.

But let’s talk booze. The house margarita is my go to, and on Monday’s it’s $3. The Skinny Cucumber Martini is awesome for those days you want to feel fancy and skinny. (Soooo, like everyday). They have a wide assortment of tequila and beer, and they usually have some sort of fun specialty shot. I tried the Dragonfruit infused tequila and it was dangerously yummy.

Boozy Mommy Pros:

  • Great atmosphere for kids and adults
  • Yummy food and drinks; there is something for everyone
  • Outdoor seating
  • The tables are spaced far enough apart so you aren’t sitting in your neighbors lap and if your baby throws guac it won’t hit anyone.
  • Decent highchairs and kid friendly servers.

Boozy Mommy Cons:

  • The bathrooms would not be conducive to changing a diaper; no changing tables.
  • Inside can get really loud when it’s busy (maybe that’s a pro for some of you)
  • The parking lot is small and depending on what time you go street parking can be limited.
  • No area to wait for a table inside.

Overall, KayNDave’s is definitely Boozy Mommy approved!