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LA Mamas. Boozin, Brunchin, and Raising Our Babies

Okay. The low down. The who we are.

Sarah & Allie met in 2016 through their local Moms Club. We recognized this could be the “real deal” kinda friendship that only a love of booze and brunch could bring.  Allie may or may not have attended a club event with the hopes of actually meeting Sarah- that’s neither here nor there.

Things progressed as they often do and two kindred spirits spent some time swapping stories over some kindred spirits.  Then one evening after a play date for two kids under a year old and two adults in need of some adult conversation, an idea was hatched. BoozyMommy was born, surprisingly on very little booze. We’re both brunettes with beautiful baby boys (just saying) with hardworking husbands and a love for wine. Other than that and a general Los Angeles vicinity- we’re a little different. (Stay at Home Mama (SAHM) versus Working Mama (WM))

Truthfully, it made us excited to start this. We love the idea of being a resource for moms. We both combed through tons of blogs and were googling like it was our job all through our pregnancies. “Can I eat a caesar salad? No more blue cheese? How non-alcoholic is non-alcoholic beer? My Dr said I could have a glass of champagne on the flight- is she sabotaging me? I don’t even eat organic- how am I supposed to make sure the baby does?!” SO many questions, so little time, and way too many options! This isn’t to say that we will have the correct answer, but we can promise it won’t be the sanctimommy’s version. (In that note it also won’t be the doctor’s version- so feel free to fact check us against your doctor. We’re no OBGYN.  You want that cheeseburger from McDonald’s while pregnant? Cheese is good for building bones. You want that beer? They say beer helps with milk production. You sometimes want to leave the baby with a sitter so you can leave the house and hit Target ALONE or meet a friend? Me-time is good for everyone else- why shouldn’t it be for you!

You take care of so much as a mommy, and you know what works for you and your family. So we’re all for letting you do you. We’re doing us and designing fun mommy shirts buzzed on wine.

So here we are. Sarah Ro and Allie Co- If you want more info on who’s who and the when where why of things you can check out the about us page. For now, you can poke around on the site and enjoy. Moms, lend us your tired bodies, your weary eyes, and join us for a judgment free glass of wine while your kids are asleep. Or while they’re awake. We don’t care. Remember that chicken and beer have long gone together- even if the chicken now looks like dino shaped nuggets and the beer is left over from… well that’s not important. You’re a great mom. We’re here for you, and we hope you’ll stick around.




Note: We know we’ll get asked so we’re gonna tell you now; we don’t drink and drive and we especially don’t with our kiddos in tow. We always have a sober driver and/or Uber is our friend.