There’s nothing like good friends and a glass (or two or three…) of wine (or whatever else it is you love!)

Well we’d like to think we’re friends here, so bookmark this tab and stay up to date on what we’re drinking. It’ll be like having that pen pal/best friend across the country… Cause no matter where you are- you KNOW we’re cheersing with you!

Holiday Treats Wine Pairings

Ahh the holidays. It's a time for unrealistic expectations, guilt, and seeing your in-laws. I don't know about you, but I'm better at dealing with all of these things when I've had a glass or two (or three) of my favorite wine. So I'm here to help you pair your...

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All Day Frosé

The heat this month has inspired me to return to the great outdoors with my little one in tow with a slushie for him and an adult version for me... and combined with my favorite summertime beverage - we call it a frosé! (recipe courtesy of bon appetit so you know it's...

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