What is it about make-up that makes me feel human?

Seriously? When I used to go into the office daily it was kind of a guilty pleasure to get dressed up and put on my make up – even just for bare necessities: lipstick and eyeliner. Don’t even get me started on night out or special event makeup- pour me a glass of champagne and let the fun begin.

Since I had JL though and started a new job it’s crazy to see what things have fallen to the wayside- and I’m not going to be THAT mom! (Isn’t that what this whole blog was for?) But I notice when I show up to work and my boss says “WOW you look pretty today!” and my first thought is, “I should probably make an effort to do more daily”. But then I think about my deep love of lipstick and how everytime I put it on, it wipes off on my waterbottle (trying to stay hydrated over here) or more likely, it wipes off on my munchkin because as we all know when they have those chubby little thighs you just want to nibble them. Plus now that hes more active his favorite thing to do is to grab my lips and see if they really are attached to my face (fun fact! they are).

So I have been on a quest. I’m not ready for Kardashian level of contouring and bronzing daily, nor do I have the budget or the staff to support it even if I were- so what’s a mom to do? Glad you asked. You do what everyone else does. You adapt. Either you wake up hours early and hire a professional team to come and make you up every morning while your nanny dutifully brings your child in to see you while you have your blowout done and your pout plumped, or you change. For me that change meant streamlining my process. The two things I feel inhuman without are eyeliner and lipstick. Not chapstick- lipstick. Usually in some deep vampy color. And I dont have time to reapply all day, so I need the makeup to last from first application, through work, through a possible treadmill run (maybe…), baby pickup, possible mommy group and then home – assuming we have no errands to run. Once we’re home its time for the mommy-son bonding time over the myriad of toys now dominating my living room.

Cut to the chase — what works? For me I am currently¬†obsessing over my Noir eyeliner. It costs about as muct as what I would buy at Target (my version of heaven) and it doesn’t smudge below my eyes. Lipstick? Because I’m so hip (or maybe I’m just hip-py) I love the matte lipstick trend. I’ve bought about 4 of these Velvetine Liquid to Matte colors from Lime Crime (and it’s available on Amazon Prime!). It’s survived through my baby kissing frenzy, wine drinking, water chugging, and (like last night) me forgetting to take off my make up so I woke up looking easy, breezy, beautiful (or something like that).

So what works for you? What’s your go-to mom-approved make-up? I’m always looking for the next hot thing.