Back to School time is here again, and you may be wondering how I know these things since my child is too small for school. I know because I happen to live across from an elementary school that is full of SUPER loud little ones screaming at all hours of the day and skateboarders all night (I’m not kidding. I got home from an event at 11pm and they were still out there). It also means that the traffic is worse (even by LA standards) now with parents/caregivers rushing around to get their kids dropped off in time.

What it makes me realize though is that it won’t be long before JL is in school and I’m one of those crazy moms running out the door with my briefcase, his backpack, coffee tumbler, and lunches. It’s funny how as mom’s we are all so busy but yet when things get even busier we are still able to shift things around and, in the words of Tim Gunn, “Make It Work”. Now, at present I can’t imagine joining the ranks of you other amazing moms who are able to juggle it all, but I have high hopes that I will make it to your level. (I also have a secret feeling that I may be that mom who despite my lack of athleticism will be doing a double cartwheel when I send him off — after the first day when I will undoubtedly go sit in my car and sob that my baby is leaving me)

But since I can’t blog about the trials and tribulations of trying to get your kids off to school and juggling it all, this post will be short and sweet. It will be simply me giving prop (like HUUUUUUGE props) to all of you moms and dads out there. You are doing an amazing job. You are making shit happen. You are the reason my commute to work is 2x as long- BUT so what!? You’re raising the tiny humans and making sure that they’re smart. You’re juggling your life/job/relationship/family/dinners/lunches/household/chores/shopping/and everything else on that never ending to do list — and you’re doing it well. So keep doing you. You’re doing amazingly.