I recently looked at how many mom bloggers I follow- spoiler alert, it’s way too many. And I think a part of me does it in an effort to be like them. These mom’s who have their ish so well together that they are able to look like supermodels (at least to me), dress in the super high heels (that I always cry when I even THINK about them), have children that take adorable snuggly pictures with them, AND they have time to show off their gorgeous homes and recipes. Those are the moms I want to be like- and fun fact, they’re also the ones who blog regularly! (To my own credit I have to say that this past month has kicked my ass every which way from sun up to sun down between traveling, weddings, funerals, moving, work, side work, and oh yea- momming) To all of those women, I salute the hell out of you because I don’t know how you do it.

Then there are the second kind of mom blogs I follow- my mom-squad as it were. These are the women who are unapologetic about the fact that they may or may not have washed their hair and they need a shower (but a wipe will have to do), they feed their kids whatever they will eat without a tantrum, and they are part of the messy bun squad. These moms have their cute clothes and heels in the closet ready at a moments notice, but are likely in their leggings or sweats because the True Religions are just not worth picking playground sand out of. It is entirely possible that as I write this blog post I’m sitting here with my hair in a topknot (like it’s been most of the week), and leggings (that are truly a staple for running around after your kid, playing on the floor with them, and then trying to convince yourself that you WILL do some sort of workout because you’re convinced that tonight is the night that you won’t be bone tired.

The long and short of it is, we all have our merits and we all have our own followings/mom-squads that work for us. I guess it’s just a matter of finding which one is your type. So tell me, which type are you? (And feel free to leave your insta tag below in the comments- because I’ll follow you (and probably be super jealous of your adorable cookie cutter sandwiches and notes you pack for your little one))