Some days I feel like a full blown MOMbie. I wake up to a small dictator throwing a bottle or stuffed animal in my face and outstretched arms asking to be pulled into bed for a morning snuggle (and Mickey Mouse – but let’s pretend it’s for the snuggles). From there it becomes a whirlwind of working the BoozyMommy game plan, the actual paying job, juggling the housework and meals, and still finding time to be full energy playtime mommy in between. To those women who come by it naturally – I salute you. For the rest of us – can we get a break?!

Well, it turns out we can… Enter onto the scene the new kid about to change the game. Mom’s meet your new bff: SpaLéLa. What is it? It’s paradise. Okay maybe that wasn’t overly helpful for you… SpaLéLa is a day spa specifically designed by a mom for moms.

Full disclosure? I have a membership at a fancy day spa with locations all over. And every single month I find myself scrambling to find a babysitter for an hour or two so that I can sneak away and take a moment to myself to recoup and scrub off that mombie skin I’m living in and re-emerge into the real world as some sort of boss babe goddess mom (a la Beyoncé or Gisele or whomever is the goddess mom you know and love), and in the process of me scrambling to find someone, driving to the spa, rushing through LA traffic, and getting into the spa looking arguably worse than when I left my house, I find that laying on the table having the knots worked out I am NOT relaxed! I am worrying and wondering about my kid and how much time I really have to myself.

So in theory, here’s where SpaLéLa’s got them beat. In actuality, it is so much more. For me it’s a bit of a drive, maybe an extra 20 minutes to get over the hill into Studio City, but I can say for a fact – it’s a drive I’m happy to take. I pop in the car (with JL!) and listen to him babble the entire drive out there. Once we arrive at the spa (which is nestled into the cutest little neighborhood with shops and eateries where people wave and say hello when you pass (what kind of alternative LA is this?!)) JL immediately gloms onto my body and has determined that he and I are one never to be separated. The staff, led by rockstar Aimee, just smiles, gets my KidCheck ready, and encourages me to head into the kid room – this is clearly not their first rodeo dealing with kids. Not mine either – I brought JL his favorite shiny new toy (a cell phone from Grandma) to help distract him. But wait! This room is full of toys. And the good kind too! You know, the kind you want to buy your kids but then somewhere along the way you give in and go for what will give you a moment of peace. JL noticed too and decides that if they have lion and elephant figurines, and wooden puzzle boards maybe it’s worth taking a look. Their staff (all of whom are CPR trained and probably far more certified than I am!) gives me the nod and I head out the playroom door to a -be still my heart- waiting glass of champagne! (Sorry honey, I live here now.) I’m handed my buzzer for JL in case he decides that despite the puzzles he truly can’t be without me, and head back into the inner sanctum sanctuary where I slip into a robe and take a moment to myself. It’s quiet. How is it quiet with children in a playroom less than 30 feet away? I don’t know and I don’t care! Today I’m having a double treatment of an infrared sauna and facial and I’m ready for it.

Now- full disclosure I spent the first 5 minutes in the sauna sipping my champagne and staring at the buzzer knowing that JL would need me. But after 5 minutes either the sauna or the champagne was working and I started to let my mind wander and enjoy the moment. The buzzer wasn’t ringing, and if it did I was walking distance from rescuing JL. By the time the sauna shut off and I was escorted to my second treatment I was ready to break out into my own rendition of “Hakuna Matata” down the halls. I was having some actual “me” time and I wasn’t feeling guilty! I could poke my head out at any moment and look through the glass and see my little guy playing away happily with the other kid and the playroom attendant. As the esthetician started on my face I wondered if I could extend my services to a third and go for the hat trick – but I also remembered that I promised JL a pizza dinner date with mommy after so that was a no go, but at least I know for next time!

Overall – I have to say that this trip to find some momME time was well worth it! SpaLéLa’s founder Trina Belton, has taken every challenge that moms face when trying to enjoy themselves and made it workable – and they’ve done it in the best way possible! The spa is gorgeous and elegant, and the kids room is consistent with the brand and looks like it’s out of an instagram shoot! The staff is knowledgeable and helpful (for both mom and child!), and the entire experience left me feeling so fabulous (or maybe it was the bubbles) that I decided to team up with SpaLéLa for a little giveaway (which hits the insta tonight!). Oh- and even better? I wasn’t the only one who left happy. JL was blowing kisses and smiling as we headed out, a smile that almost fell off his face when Glynnis (the same smiling face who had champagne waiting for me) handed him his very own balloon.

So it seems I’ve found the answer to “when is it momME time?” – and if you’re feeling in need of your own, well I guess I’ll be seeing you at SpaLéLa!