Who Am I?

Mom. Wife. Friend. Employee. Entrepreneur. Designer. Wine Aficionado. Foodie. Trojan. Los Angelino. Okay, I feel like that’s now enough descriptors- so let me elaborate.

I’m a 30ish-year-old mom to one little man (JL) so far. Jury’s still out on when number two will be a “thing” to discuss. Happily married to probably one of the most supportive men out there– lucky for me since he for sure has his hands full. I grew up in LA (since age 2ish so I feel like we can just say I’m a full native), and now, I’m a full-time graphic designer and account executive at a Los Angeles based¬†design firm. I spent 10+ years in event planning and still take on events (showers, birthdays, weddings etc) for my mains. In fact when this idea was hatched I was knee deep in planning and designing invitations for 3 friends’ wedding, so naturally I thought- I should totally add on more! So let’s add more in and get this mother started!




Fun Facts:

Favorite Wine: Blend. Always a Blend. (Maybe it’s a nod to my mixed roots so I like mixed wines? Who knows)
Favorite Brand: Changes by the week/tasting room/etc
Best Budget Buy: Apothic
Best Spendy Buy: If You See Kay
Go-To LA Brunch Spot: BacaroLA or Nature’s Brew (owned by the same guys and it’s local and AMAZING)
Gotta Have It:¬†Lindt Dark Chocolate Sea Salt. It’s heart healthy and amazing