Emily Jo

Who Am I?

EmilyJo__Hey Hi, I’m Em…Unless I’m in trouble then I’m Emily or a silent sideways glance from my husband. I like to think I’m a fun mom, dedicated wife and damn good friend…ha wouldn’t we all??  I often over extend myself but I think secretly I live for the over commitment. I have a huge heart and maybe even a bigger mouth. I’m mom to one, OL – oh who am I kidding?  His name is Oliver and when I write I am so transparent sometimes it smells…for better or worse I don’t hide who I am in my day to day, so why should I pretend otherwise any other time? My favorite outfit is a pretty face with a great lipstick, chucks or flip flops depending on the state of my pedicure, and something really comfortable for all the middle parts. I’m a Nor Calian (think Humboldt County) born and bred, in a So Cal state of mind and rarely take myself too seriously. I’m a big time life insurance agent, retired nanny, and my two favorite places are the kitchen and the beach.Emily



For likability and friendship goals please note the following: 
Fun Facts:       

Favorite Wine: Pinot Grig if it’s hot. Santa Margarita if I’m rich that week… Malbec if it’s not, in Tall Dark Stranger if I’m feeling frivolous and like I care.
Favorite Sugar: We have a love hate thing going
Past Life: Standup Comedian
Politics: Like it matters anymore…just know I will fight against injustice. Dare me
Most recent discovery: Alanis Morissette’s “Hand in my Pocket” is my anthem…can that be a thing? Can we all designate ourselves an anthem?