There’s nothing like good friends and a glass (or two or three…) of wine (or whatever else it is you love!)

Well we’d like to think we’re friends here, so bookmark this tab and stay up to date on what we’re drinking. It’ll be like having that pen pal/best friend across the country… Cause no matter where you are- you KNOW we’re cheersing with you!

Champagne Margarita/Mimosa

Maybe you've seen this recipe circulating on your Facebook, I know my MIL tagged me in it... But as I love nothing more than a good MOMosa or a MOMgarita (see how I just take everything for us moms?!) this sounds like the things my dreams are made of... So while I...

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Sangria Lemonade

This month we are savoring the last bits of summer with this Sangria Lemonade! Want one for yourself? Check out the recipe here . Here’s How to Make It: What You Need:  1/2 gallon of Lemonade 1 bottle of Chardonnay/Chablis/Sauvignon Blanc/Moscato 2/3 cup light rum 1/2...

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Frozen Sangria

This month we are toasting with Frozen Sangria! Want one for yourself? Check out the recipe here . Again we're loving the fresh berries being incorporated, but also- there's yummy sorbet. So your kids can join you in a sweet treat-- no one has to know mommy's is...

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