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TIME Out: The Goddess Myth

If you're a mom hanging out on the interwebs recently, you've probably seen the recent TIME article about Motherhood. If you haven't - treat yourself for a moment and take a read, because if you're already on this site, you're gonna like what you're reading there (and...

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Mom Propaganda

Not to be dramatic, but this is probably the most important post I will ever write. It is, in my humble opinion, the most toxic mentality that reveals America's inherent sexism and classism. It is the main reason why I get frustrated. It is the thing I warn women...

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I recently experienced one of the pivotal "mom moments" all of my girlfriends have told me about - that magical trip to the ER with the little one in tow. The fact that it happened on the first day of my would be family girls trip made it all the more magical, but the...

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