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The Mom Gene

I think I'm missing that one mom-gene (not to be confused with my pre-baby jeans that I'm missing) -- the one that makes you weep hysterically when your child walks through the door and into the hallowed halls of whatever pre-school/daycare/nanny that you choose to...

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How ‘Bout A Little Recognition…

How 'bout a big hand now? (Click the link if you really want into my headspace anytime I hear someone say those words...) Wait-wait a minute... Let me back up a little bit. This morning EmilyJo and I were having a chat about how we sometimes just need a break from...

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Enough with the Millennial Bullshit

Yeah, you took my click-bait because the title has nothing to do with what you may assume it does...read on for more. Having been born 1983 - there I said it - (stop calculating...I mean it), whether I belong to Generation X or Y, or in modern day terms the dreaded...

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