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Daycare Daze

So I'm going to level with you... I'm a virgin. Well I have a child and this isn't Jane the Virgin so I'm not thaaaat kind of virgin - but I am a daycare virgin. What?! How is this possible?! Your child is almost two and you have a full-time job! How?! The answer is...

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Finding Some momME Time

Some days I feel like a full blown MOMbie. I wake up to a small dictator throwing a bottle or stuffed animal in my face and outstretched arms asking to be pulled into bed for a morning snuggle (and Mickey Mouse - but let's pretend it's for the snuggles). From there it...

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I recently looked at how many mom bloggers I follow- spoiler alert, it's way too many. And I think a part of me does it in an effort to be like them. These mom's who have their ish so well together that they are able to look like supermodels (at least to me), dress in...

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